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Strong and comfortable sitting tool

The Freebag® Pro was developed by Norwegian designers with the aim of increasing comfort and endurance in manual work.

How it works?

Due to the shape and design, combined with the polypropylene beads of the filling, the Freebag® adapts ergonomically to the knees and enables uncompromising comfort in all stressful working positions.

How to use Norwegian archaeologists or the offshore industry use the Freebag® Pro for the comfort of their employees.

The Freebag® Pro is designed to create a comfortable working position on any type of surface. It is recommended by medical professionals to prevent work-related injuries and injuries.

Be it gardening, tiling, teak deck renovation, underwater ship work, roofing, landscaping, excavation - Freebag® Pro enables a gentle posture for the joints.

The Freebag® Pro is super light, easy to store, durable, easy to care for and water-repellent.

With a snap hook, the Freebag® Pro can be easily and quickly attached to the belt and your hands are free to carry.


  • Light with only 0.6kg weight

  • Easy care

  • Water repellent

  • Easy washable

  • Outer cover washable in washing machine

  • Inner bag dries in 2-3 hours 

  • Warming

  • Dimensions: 30x35x18cm

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