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FREEBAG CLASSIC® was originally conceived by Norwegian yachtsmen to endure long voyages in rough waters. The shape and patented design combined with poly- propylene technology makes FREEBAG CLASSIC® adapt perfectly to your body and allows uncompromised comfort in the harshest environments.

How it works?

Due to the shape and design, combined with the polypropylene beads of the filling, the Freebag® adapts ergonomically to the body and enables uncompromising comfort in all seating positions.

The Freebag® Classic is unique in its versatility. It can be used as a cushion, seat, stool and as a pad for upholstering any type of surface.


As soon as it is cool, the freebag keeps you warm because it insulates the body heat.


The Freebag® Classic is super light, easy to store, durable and easy to care for.

It is water-repellent and can easily be carried on board as a normal shoulder bag.


The outer cover is washable in the washing machine. After hand washing, the inner bag with the balls dries again in about 2-4 hours. Ideal if the pillow gets wet after a salt water shower in the cockpit.

Users stories

"We, and all of our sailing friends love them. I couldn't find them at the last two boat shows here in San Francisco. Thanks"  - Kathy


"We have 2 freebags that have been fantastic for many years but now the outer fabric has worn out. Can you order 2 bags without content and where do you do it? Sincerely"  - Elisabeth


"Dear Freebag We purchased a couple of your excellent Feebags forour yacht in Holland and we would like to purchase some more. Do you have a UK supplier? Thank you"  - Graham A.


"Dear Freebag, We have been using two freebags on our sailing boat extensively, many many years, in all kind of weather sailing all around Western Europe. We would never want to miss them any more.Kind regards" -  Arend J.


  • 1kg weight

  • Easy care

  • Water repellent

  • Washable (outer cover washable in washing machine)

  • Warming

  • No salinization

  • No clumping of the filling

  • Dimensions: 100x40x5-10cm

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